One Piece Sex Story

One Piece Sex Story – Nami sitting in the orange garden only thinks of everything. About how he got involved in this godamn adventure from the start. When Arlong came to the village, when he killed in Bellimeire, when he was forced to leave. All of these painful pictures are gone, all of their mother’s blood are bleeding everywhere, are they…tattoos? She took  a deep breath and rubbed the point on her shoulder, feeling violated. Arlong had done it himself, with his nose, and God, it hurt. While she cries out in pain trying to free herself from the octopus thing. He laughs and says nonsense about friendship.

When she returned to remember, she scanned through her memory to see the happy one, which was with Luffy. When she first met him, she thought the man was strange, stupid, and strechy. After she is considered part of his crew, she realizes that he is a strange and stupid. But one thing that is different is that she felt for it. Every time she touches him. Something shot at her spine, hot and cold and electricity all together.

Like when he fainted from losing blood after fighting the Black Cat Crew. She caught him and yelled at Zoro for a bandage. When Zoro stumbled to retrieve it, she had just sat there, with Luffy’s head leaning on her arm. She felt very satisfied and peaceful with everything she had been through in her life. Then Zoro returned with bandages and reality.

 – And when she left, it was very difficult. She was afraid never to see them again, and she was afraid she would see him. But they chased her. Nami, the thief, the witch,  the person who betrayed everyone who mattered. and, their navigator. Is that the only reason they go after her? Will Luffy make them follow her across the entire ocean just because she is their navigator? Is there a slight chance he feels the same way?

Nami reached out and pick the orange from the branch while still thinking of a boy with a straw hat.

She also wondered how only about 17 hours ago she had a precious hat on her head. When she stabbed her arm and stopped the fear had made her tears come out faster than before. When she asked for help with tears in her eyes, she felt very helpless and small. Luffy, putting a hat on his head is an entertaining gesture in her eyes.

God, how much he likes it. Sometimes friendly love, and sometimes sexual love.

She shake her head hard, “how can I thinking that?”. She wondered. She hurriedly peeled the orange and tore a piece, fingering the cut between her fingers. With enthusiasm she thought that was what the inside of her body felt. When she revived himself, only, not too sticky.

 –  She felt disgusted that one of the dirty thoughts entered her head. And put the piece into his mouth while chewing hard, as if removing the evil thought from her head.

Luffy looked around, looking for more meat even though he had just eaten most of the meat at the party. He went to Nami’s sister…and practically threw himself at her while shouting “WHERE IS MEAT ??!!?”

To calm him down, she said “uhh. There is no more, but if you want you can go to our house and get oranges”. Luffy, in all his folly says “what a orange?” With wide eyes that clearly said that he never heard of oranges.

Luffy has a strange look in his eyes that looks more  stupid, and asks. “Is that better than meat?”. She snapped and punched Luffy upside the head and shouted, “Just go get the oranges!”

As he walked scratching his ear, she shouted after him. And see if Nami is up there! He gave him a cheerful smile and said, “Sure!”

As he roamed the path wondering how he could get lost on this small island. He roamed a number of trees with bright orange fruits throughout them. He stared as he watched at the end of the line. There were a number of trees that had been destroyed. He frowned and said in a loud voice, “where am I?”. From somewhere behind him several rows of trees, he heard “Damn it!”

 – Nami, who was on the other side of the tree, about 15 feet away. Had begun to squeeze the orange she peeled a little too hard. And the juice had sprayed her entire body, and into her eyes. Luffy approached her calmly so that when she rubbed her eyes angrily, she did not hear it.

Nami’s panic scrub was stopped when she heard Luffy’s voice cut through the  air. And said, “Nami, why do you smell funny?” She frowned, blinked, and looked at him blurred. When her gaze focused, she saw the straw hat, and realized who caught her in an embarrassing situation.

She waved what was left of the orange on her face and said. “You scared me and I accidentally squeezed this orange to myself.”

Nami sighed, and threw the orange porridge  aside. She patted the ground beside her and stared at him sharply, then reached to try and get another. Luffy saw what she was trying to help, climbing the monkey tree style. Nami struck her forehead with amusement and despair while lying on the ground. And seeing him try to catch the biggest orange in existence. He reached the biggest orange in the tree and said, “Is this good?”

Nami laughed and nodded still staring at Luffy right above her. Luffy trying to tug and pull the orange. Nami yelled at him. “You have to twist it!” Luffy, stretching his fingers over the orange, jump and hanging there, floating with oranges the size of his head.

 –  He began to rotate while holding the orange. Nami, eyes began to widen said, “Hey Luffy! Don’t do it, you will fall” And just when she said that, the orange decided to fall, Luffy and all. Luffy fell, right above Nami…snoring. Nobody knows why he always falls asleep on the worst occasion, but he does it.

The giant oranges rolled away, while Nami is trapped in the worst and best place in the whole world. Luffy’s head rested right on her breasts, and every time he snored, he began to drool on her nipples. She did not have the type of money to spend on bras and now the price is expensive.

Is it gradually becoming embarrassing to be erotic. She felt warmth to familiarly heat the inside of her leg. Snoring grew louder and the droplets of saliva made  her so excited that Luffy became an erotic torture tool. Finally too  much for her to bear. She is as soft as she can lift Luffy from her body and put it on the ground.

She slipped her shorts down and began touching herself through her thin underwear. Thinking about how much she wanted to have Luffy down there. She knows or almost believes that Luffy is a person who heavy sleeper. So she wasn’t really worried about noise. She just hoped that when she had an orgasm that wasn’t trash around too much and kicked him up.

She slipped a finger in her underwear and on moistening her outer lips with wet juice. She made a light touch of feathers around her clit, and groan softly as she played with herself.

 – Finally she put her middle finger into a hot and humid cave. And began to grind into her own hand. Her groaning louder and her other hand slid into her breasts and began pinching the tits through her shirt. She raised his hips into the air giving himself more leverage there. When she almost approached orgasm, she felt something completely new slide into the cunt.

She stopped what she did because she was shocked and looked down for the first time. Luffy makes a giant orange peeled and he had put one large orange slice in her!She was surprised! She thinks he’s sleeping! He still had the edge of the piece and began to spin inside her. She had to bite her lips to stop the moan. It feels amazing!

Luffy asked, “Nami, what are you doing?” While still staring intently at the cunt and twirling the orange inside her. She put her elbow to the ground and groaned  loudly as Luffy continued his innocent act. She wriggled on the ground with stones pushing into her while she panted, “What do you think…what are you doing?!? Huff huff”

Luffy did not answer otherwise he took a piece of  orange and ate it. His face was split wide, “Wow! It feels better with Nami Sauce!” Nami has a bad idea, she said, “Hey Luffy, do you want to try the sauce yourself?” And spread her legs wide so that he could access her cunt cave. Luffy’s eyes widened and he said, “WOW! Oh, can I Nami?!”

She said, “Come and get it”. She never finished because Luffy dove down on her like a dog. When it sees free peanut butter lying on the floor. He licked it with even greater strength.

 –  Nami groaned loudly. And clamped her legs around his head while curling and writhing on the ground under the orange tree. She felt his snake’s tongue go up and down her cunt looking for the entrance of her femininity. Needless to say, he found it.

He plunged his tongue into its depth and squirmed forward and backward and up and down. She screamed because pleasure, writhing and clawing at the rocks. Her orgasm was near. She felt the inner wall tightened and started massaging toung Luffy.

“AAUUHUHHGGGG !!!!” She screamed her pleasure with all the birds in the tree flying away. When she was sitting there panting, sunbathing in  the light of orgasm. She felt Luffy still licking her flowing juice. She was preparing to play again and Luffy have no idea.

“Hey Luffy,” she said, staring at him. “Why don’t we take care of your bulging pants?”
“Ok Nami,” he said, not knowing that he would lose his virginity with her.

She was hungry and stripped down and lowered Luffy pants and when she saw his unintelligible gaze said. “Now you have to take your dick and put it in the place you just licked”. Luffy looked at her with confusion in his eyes and said, “What is dick?”

Nami rolled her eyes and said hastily. Not because she was embarrassed, but because she was aroused. “That’s the thing you really want to touch now.” She had noticed his hand drifting in that direction.

 – “Oh,” that’s all Luffy has to say. Nami is only there for pleasure this time. She lost his virginity selling himself on the streets for a billion belli. She didn’t want to do it in the normal way. So she lay with her ass in the air she was soaking wet and she knew he could see. And that only made her want more, she felt the juice begin to flow down her cunt. And mentally begged him to hurry.

He obeys fast enough. She felt Luffy big and strong hand spread her cunt lips and felt his hard cock. Which was large enough to slowly slide into her. She groaned when her nipples were pushed to some fine stones around her.

She was in utopia, she had sex before, but this is great!. He set his push and pump, begging and groaning for more. She felt the ripples of his cock and his cock head buried  deep inside her. She went bump and grinding with him. When suddenly, she felt he lifted her from the ground and turned it around. So that she was on her back.

She lay down and put her long legs around his waist, and felt him move above her. He began to push again strongly. Luffy panted and groaned when his sturdy length meat sliding in and out of the wet, slippery cunt.

Nami groaned as hard as her vocal cords would let her. And exhaled air trying to get more friction on her clitoris. Knowing that it would send her to euphoria. She felt her breasts bounce and roll with each push of her nipples still hard in the cold air. She felt it inside her, she groaned and raised her hand above her head, letting her breasts soar.

 –  Nami began to scream when she felt the inner wall start to cramp. And panting “L-uff-y-II, I’m going to cum !!” Her head began to spin. Luffy groaned and said, “Nami! It feels amazing!” She felt her cunt tighten and felt a devastating orgasm soak her like the waves flowing on the beach.

Luffy started pushing harder and shouting his first orgasm while Nami screamed at her third orgasm in her lifetime. She shuddered when Luffy filled it with his burning white seeds. Luffy fell down snoring, in her breasts again when his cock slid out. She felt some sperm come out of her cunt when the world faded to black.

The next morning. “Luffy stay away from the oranges!!” Nami shouted, starting to chase her stupid lover around the deck.

“Yes,” Sanji added with a frown on Luffy. “never touch  a woman’s orange!” While trying to grope Nami’s chest.

Luffy frowned, “but something good happened the last time I ate that orange!” Nami winked at Luffy after punching Sanji, “soon” she said, “soon.”,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

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