Gay Dad And Son Story 6


Gay Dad And Son Story 6 – Jimmy held my hard cock at the feet of my shorts. Slowly stroking it making it grow to full size. “Are you still plugged?” I ask him.

“Oh yeah and that makes my ass hungry for cock,” he replied. I lift the chair and Jimmy pulls my shorts to my ankles. He started kissing and licking the head of my cock. Running his tongue into the piss hole and around the edge of my knob head. I looked to the side of the house and sure enough, Jake was still there. I could see the head of his cock sticking out in the corner as he slowly jacked his hard flesh.

“Jake’s still there,” I whispered. “I can see his  cock. Looks like big, thick cock. How about we get him back?” Jimmy looked at me and nodded when he put my cock in his mouth.

“Jake,” I called. “I know you’re there. Why don’t you come closer and get a better view”. I watched as he slowly returned to the corner of the house. His shorts in one hand and a thick, hard cock in his other hand. It’s bigger than mine and maybe as big as Jimmy. He walked towards us and stood aside watching Jimmy eating my groin. “Look at his cock, Jimmy. Do you want to play with it?”

Jimmy stopped what he was doing to my cock. And when he saw Jake’s hard cock inches away from his face, his eyes opened wide. “Yes, dad please,” he said. With that he began to lick Jake ball, then licked the impressive cock shaft. A piece of precum has gathered in Jake’s piss slit. Billy licked it then started sucking on the big purple button head while continuing stroke my cock. I began to stroke Jake’s firm ass cheeks.

“Don’t be shy, Jake. Play with Jummy’s ass,” I told him. He leaned forward slightly and began rubbing cheek on Billy’s buttocks in lycra shorts. His fingers began to reach into Jimmy’s gap and then he felt the plug. When he raised his eyebrows, I said, “He has a butt plug in his cunt. That makes him hungry for cock in his ass.” With those words, Jimmy stopped sucking, and stood up. His impressive cock pushed against lycra. He pulled his shorts down and his big cock leaped forward. The ball pushed forward by a cock ring around them. Jake began to fondle Jimmy’s cock and balls with a big smile on his face.

“Jimmy sucked my cock and let Jake pull the plug out of your cunt”. Jake moves behind  Jimmy and starts pulling the plug. When it appeared clear he immediately pushed it back, then pulled it again. He kept fucking Jimmy’s ass with a plug making Jimmy  moan as he sucked hard throbbing cock meat. Then he pulled it out and immediately began licking, tongue fuck and fingering the gaping hole.

“Fuck he has a juicy cunt,” Jake  said.
“You wait until you get your big cock there, mate. His butt is hungry for cock. He likes nothing better than a fucking cock, isn’t it, Jimmy? But you probably know that seeing you has been watching us fucking for a while now”. I threw the lubricant tube at Jake, who started lubricating his cock. It looks bigger than before. He was clearly aroused by the thought of screwing my son.

“Yes, I know. You guys have quite performances – my boyfriend and I have a lot of good sex sessions after watching you two. We are trying to find a way to keep you two in our house. And see if you will be interested in group matters. Bob is a pure bottom and would love to take everyone’s cock. One at a time, or all at the same time. He always wants two cock in his ass and one in his mouth.”

I gave Jimmy a fresh bottle of popper, “You will need this Jimmy.” Jimmy snorted for a while. “Now take your cock in my son’s cunt. Can’t you see his ass twitching? He needs to fuck.”

“I can see that. The hole is twitching like crazy. Glad to see it begging for cock.” Jimmy keeps sniffing the poppers. I think he knows what’s going to happen and he’s getting ready. Jake positioned the head of his cock in Jimmy’s twitching ass, then held Jimmy’s  shoulders. And with one quick push, sank his cock deep into his ass and held him there. Stabbing him with his hard cock.

“FUCK AAAGH!” Jimmy  cried.
“Are you OK, son?” I ask, a little worried. From the look on Jimmy’s face I don’t need to ask that. He looks really happy.

“Oh, ada, damn it. Fuck fuck !! What a really big cock.” A flow of precum leaked from Jimmy’s cock as Jake Fucking his ass. It almost looks like he’s cumming there so much. I lay on my back under Jimmy and put my tongue under his cock letting precum gather then swallow. I drowned his hard cock into my mouth, sucking the precum right out of the piss gap. Jimmy sniffed more poppers when Jake began to slowly pull his cock. Then when it was almost finished slamming it back. “Oh yeah, fuck me man, damn fuck me!” He gives Jake a popper who takes 4 deep sniffs.

Jake really started beating my son’s cunt. Slamming him so hard over and over again that I could hear the ball slapping Jimmy’s ass cheek. Every push pushed Jimmy’s cock further into my mouth. So that his cock began to hit the back of my mouth and pressed down into my throat. I choked and stammered at the attack of so many cock in my mouth. “Yes, fuck me, , Jake, harder,” he shouted. Suddenly Jimmy’s ball lifted and his cock became thicker. And he blasted a huge load of hot sweet semen into my mouth and throat.

Jake crashed into Jimmy one more time then stopped. From where my head was positioned I could see the veins pumping the seeds under Jimmy’s cunt. His cock seemed to keep pumping for ages filling my son’s ass with hot fresh cum. When he calmed down, Jake slowly began to pull his cock from Jimmy’s cunt.

“Get under me dad and you can share Jake’s cum ,” Jimmy said. This fucking is lit, dirty, aroused and very hot. I did as he asked and when Jake’s cock came out of Jimmy’s cunt with a hard fart. A mixture of semen and ass followed him spraying my face and dripping into my open mouth.

I am very hard and aroused now, I think I will burst a vein. Jake pushed his cock into my mouth to clean it. He reached for the lubricant and began to lubricate my hard cock. Then turned and sat on me in one thrust. He rides my cock up and down for a few seconds. That’s all it takes for me to blow my cum load deep into Jake guts. As I did, he leaned forward and kissed me deeply. Tasting the semen and Jimmy’s ass juice that was still in my mouth. A few minutes passed and we all lay and sat there naked.

“Do you like seeing me get fucked  dad?” Jimmy asked.
“Yes, more than I thought.” Jimmy bent down and gave me a kiss, our tongues twisted around.
“Thank you, dad,” he said, “and you too, Jake. It was fun.”

A voice came from the fence between our houses. “It really looks hot from here too.”,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,


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